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Salvatore Fama

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Competent, flexible (including weekends) friendly and good English speaking.

Qualified piano tuner with working experience by the historical German piano manufacturing company Blüthner in Leipzig, where I had the chance to tune over 450 brand new pianos.

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Services & Rates

I work in Mainz within a radius of 20 Km and Wiesbaden , at no extra charges.

From beyond MZ-WI area please ask me, a short email or via SMS will do,

which I'd be glad to answer as soon as possible.

A fine tuning costs 119,-Euros*

Pitch and fine tuning 239,-Euros

Delaying tuning is not convenient because the lower the pitch, the more tunings are required to pitch standard. When more tunings are needed to pull up the pitch, the higher is the risk of damaging the tuning pins or break the strings. Therefore, it's cheaper if you tune it once a year. For hobby players, 2 tunings are sufficient. More demanding or professional players usually require more. High schools and conservatoires necessitate from 8 up to 12 tunings per year.

Your piano requires a minimum of 1 tuning per year even if it is not being used. Maintenance is needed in order to keep the pitch close to its standard (A 432 Hz, A440 Hz, A442, or A 443 Hz, subject to personal preference).

The pitch of a neglected piano sinks due to the 15 to 20 tons of traction exercised by its strings. That's right, 15.000 to 20.000 thousand Kg, depending on the length of the piano. We calculate an average of 70-90 kg x 220 strings and we get these enormous results.

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For appointments you can ask via telephone, email, or SMS. Suggest the days and times you are available for a piano tuning and I will contact you as soon as possible to confirm an appointment on one of the suggested days, of which, are subject to availability.

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(*)This price applies when the pitch is even throughout all octaves.